It's Tuesday maintenance, so it's time for your biweedly duty -- voting for the winners of this week's Caption This contest. After weeding through a record number of totally inappropriate entries, the WoW Insider staff has picked some of the best captions submitted. Now you get to decide who goes home with a 60-day game card, a choice of one of seven World of Warcraft action figures as detailed in the original post, or nothing but wistful memories. Just pick the best caption for the above picture. Voting closes tomorrow, Wednesday, August 20, at 11:59 PM EST, and winners will be informed shortly afterward by e-mail.

Remember, entrants must be U.S. or non-Quebec Canadians at least 13 years old. If you'd like to peruse the contest's official rules, they can be found here. Happy voting!

Note: Once again, an entry that is too long for the poll has been nominated. Here's Sammy's entry:

"Silvermoon Craigslist >> Women Seeking Men


I'm a single female Blood Elf who's tired of soloing. LF 2s partner who can bandage my broken heart. I don't have time for freeloaders, so you should be intended.

Must love cats.

* Location: 49,50
* it's NOT ok to whisper this poster with services or other commercial interests

PostingID: 2.4.3"

Who is the winner of the August 12 Caption This contest?
"Test subject #465, further testing of the attack range bug continue..." -- Wats315 (5.3%)
The cutsie "Can haz" crap is over. Give us the damn cheeseburgers. -- dru1796 (30.0%)
Cenarion Expedition: Supplying Orphan's Week with Blood Elf Orphans since 2.0.3. -- Andrew512 (8.6%)
Forgoing a trip to Ironforge to find seven dwarves, she settled on the next best thing to fulfill her fairy tale needs. -- Silverlynx35242 (4.0%)
"Diplomacy is the art of saying 'Nice Kitty' until you can find a rock." -- supertanker626 (10.5%)
Blood Elf: "I'm not the snack you are looking for." Druids: "You are not the snack we are looking for." -- Drew490 (8.2%)
Craigslist ad (see above) -- Sammy487 (8.1%)
Elf Panther Perfume: 60% of the time it works every time. -- trepegroupieone530 (8.9%)
The WotLK Beta Hunter spell [/cast_TameExoticPet (rank1)] was having some unforeseen side effects. -- Korriban411 (6.9%)
"This is the LAST time I ever post "LF1M melee DPS kara, full clear" on trade channel." -- Blayed579 (9.7%)

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