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Debunk: BlackBerry Bold's browser on WiFi actually not that slow

Nilay Patel

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Now that the BlackBerry Bold's made its official North American debut, there's a lot of talk about a video Mobile Computer did of the Bold getting blown away browsing head to head with an iPhone 3G over WiFi -- but there's a slight problem there: the Bold was actually using 3G and EDGE. Yeah, that's not a fair fight -- and given how flaky the iPhone 3G's data speeds can be, it actually reflects quite well on the Bold. Head to head on WiFi, the Bold does seem a tick slower, but we'll let you judge that for yourselves -- videos after the break.

Read - BGR browser vid
Read - Mobile Computer browser vid

The original Mobile Computer vid -- note the lack of a WiFi icon while browsing.

The Bold browsing the same sites on WiFi.

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