Tangent's Evergreen 17 is in the running (heading up the pack, actually) for most hideous desktop of the year, but if beauty truly is found on the inside, maybe it has a fighting chance at being loved after all. This all-in-one PC promises an "industry-leading power efficiency at 24-watts," arrives with a touch-friendly display and packs a fanless 1GHz VIA Eden processor (or fan-cooled 1.5GHz VIA C7), an optional SSD with capacity up to 64GB, up to 2GB of RAM and a gigabit Ethernet port. The unit weighs in at 15.8-pounds and measures 2.25-inches deep, though it'll cost you quite a bit more than other basic desktops at $1,195 (and up). But hey, the warm, fuzzy feeling you'll get from going easy on Mother Earth is totally worth it, right?

[Via I4U News]