While the idea of Commodore showing off some early prototype devices isn't exactly the sort of thing that'd normally get many folks' hopes up, the never-say-die company looks to have managed to impress the doubters at IFA, where it had a number of intriguing-looking concepts on hand in addition to that soon-to-be-released netbook we saw yesterday. That includes two Pocket PC devices -- one with a sliding QWERTY keypad and one that opts for a folding design (pictured above) -- as well as a much slicker-looking netbook than the one that is actually going to be released, naturally (check it out after the break). Of course, specs for any of those are virtually non-existent, although there's apparently some talk that the Pocket PCs could sell for between €100 and €150 (or roughly $220 to $290) whenever they're actually released. Be sure to hit up the gallery below for plenty more shots courtesy of Engadget Spanish.