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Death Knight Ghouls' baby name book

Natalie Mootz

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If you spec your Death Knight as Unholy, 30 points into the talent tree you get the Master of Ghouls ability which lets you control your ghoul like a pet. On the PvE beta realms, your ghoul doesn't have a name yet; it comes up "RandomPetName," as pictured to the right. However, on the new Murmur PvP realm (US only), level 80 Death Knight premade characters are getting names for their pet-ghouls. An enterprising poster on the beta forums is compiling a list of possible names using set prefixes and suffixes they've seen. Here's the list so far.

Prefixes Suffixes
Blight Basher
Bone Chewer
Brain Cruncher
Carrion Feeder
Corpse Gnaw
Crypt Gobbler
Dirt Grinder
Grave Leaper
Gravel Masher
Rib Muncher
Rot Ravager
Skull Ripper
Stone Slicer
Tomb Stalker

Basically, the ghoul names come from picking a prefix from column A and combining it with a suffix from column B. I hope my ghoul's name comes out to be GraveFeeder or CorpseCruncher. However, as you can imagine, some of these name combinations just will not fly as they may sound too R-rated. (In particular, Blizzard might want to consider killing the "Muncher" suffix altogether.) Similar to a Warlock's minion name, it appears that the ghoul's name stays constant, even after dismissing and resummoning. Blue forum poster Ghostcrawler says that generating a random name for every summon requires a code change that won't happen before Wrath hits. However, Ghostcrawler does say that the randomizing code will likely be included in a post-Wrath release.

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