Now that the dust has settled on Microsoft's impressive, if not quite revolutionary, Zune 3.0 update, it's time for us all to do what we do best: start demanding a new version of desktop and player software -- and a hardware refresh, of course -- chock-full of features that we've been asking for since day one, and a few things we dreamed up along the way. Pick your top-priority from the poll below, or just go nuts in the comments -- the floor is yours.
Poll: What's your Zune 4.0 must-have?
Xbox integration. Yesterday.3619 (14.7%)
Mac desktop application.2118 (8.6%)
Zune Phone, WinMo optional.2696 (10.9%)
Touchscreen player.4715 (19.1%)
Better video selection.723 (2.9%)
Another Zune owner to be friends with.3145 (12.7%)
Something else / I don't care, just show me the results.7654 (31.0%)