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Smooth Creations intros customizable Wedge netbook


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Smooth Creations' custom paint jobs certainly aren't for everybody, but if you're a bit tired of the current netbook sameness, you might want to consider its new Wedge model, which questionably promises to make a "powerful yet subtle statement." Apparently, you can either take your chances with a one of a kind design like the one above (seemingly from before they settled on the name "Wedge"), or you can shell out some extra bucks for a completely custom design. The netbook's insides, on the other hand, are considerably more in line with the usual netbook fare, and include a 10-inch display, a 1.6GHz Atom processor, 1GB of RAM, a 160GB hard drive, and Windows XP as standard (Vista is apparently also available if you really want to push things). Look for this one to set you back about $500, and no doubt quite a bit more if you want get one to match the paint job on your 1975 Dodge van.

[Via jkkmobile]

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