Breakfast Topic: Which two specs will you be choosing?

When we heard back in June at BlizzCon International that players will be able to switch between two specs easily in the expansion I thought to myself "no brainer." Not just the concept, but I knew which specs I was going to choose. Being a Feral druid, I could already tank and DPS. I just needed to choose Restoration and I'm covered.

Flash forward almost four months later and Tigole confirms the functionality is coming in a patch shortly after the expansion. But suddenly I'm not so sure about my choices. Come Patch 3.0.2 major class changes are a coming. I switched from Restoration to Feral during TBC and learned to enjoy tanking, but I fell in love with cat form.

Now Blizzard is buffing cat DPS in a big way. Unfortunately, it's at the cost of tanking talents. So do I go cat and bear for my two specs or cat and tree? And the Moonkin DPS got a good kick in the feathered ass as well. The choices! Given how the classes are changing and many more specs are becoming viable, which two specs are you considering for your main?

This article was originally published on WoW Insider.