There was an awful lot of hullabaloo after an SGH-i907 passed the FCC a few weeks back that we might be dealing with an AT&T-branded Omnia in our midst, going off the logic that Samsungs destined for AT&T typically end with the number 7 and the original Omnia is dubbed the i900. More recent intel suggests that this is actually an Americanized i780, though, leaving everyone wondering whether the western hemisphere would ever see a version of Sammy's WinMo superphone equipped with the right 3G bands. The answer appears to be a tentative "yes," now that we have an i900L in the FCC's business featuring WiFi and WCDMA 850 / 1900. It's not a sure thing, clearly -- but if Samsung were to release a model to the North American market called "i900L" with no bearing to the i900 whatsoever, we'd seriously lose our cool.


Samsung Omnia passes FCC with North American 3G, for real this time?