Nothing's quite official just yet, but the folks at Eee PC News have gotten their hands on some pics of a hereto unheard of Eee PC 701SDX model, which they speculate could well be the sub-$300 (we're guessing $299) Eee PC we've been hearing about it. From the looks of it, that seems to be a pretty safe assumption, with the netbook packing a 7-inch display and ditching the webcam to save a few bucks. No word on any specs, unfortunately, but Eee PC News seems to think there's at least a chance it could ditch the Celeron of the original Eee PC 701 in favor of an Atom processor, and pack either a 4GB or 8GB SSD drive, plus Windows XP for an OS. If ASUS's history is any indication, however, we should know for sure soon enough.

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