TGS 08: MGO Meme expansion trailer

The new Meme expansion pack for Metal Gear Online was announced not too long ago. Along with it comes the addition of new maps and two playable fan favorites: Liquid Ocelot and Mei Ling. Both of whom stand tall in this new Meme expansion trailer from the Tokyo Game Show.

The TGS 08 trailer also shows off the new maps revealed before: Silo Sunset, Forest Firefight and Winter Warehouse. Also, we get to see some all new customizable parts for your characters. Want an Ocelot stache? Maybe you want to wear that flower Sunny always wears? If those options don't float your boat, you could always put on a blond fro or croc helm.

Thanks to the game's M rating we've placed the trailer after the break. So make sure you're of age before taking a peek. We'll be watching!


This article was originally published on Joystiq.