With all of the political mudslinging going around this time of year, Apple has decided to add a different type of mudslinging to the barrage of TV commercials. Tonight, they released two new "Get a Mac" ads: Bean Counter, and V Word.

In Bean Counter [direct video link], PC is sitting at a desk, counting money out into two stacks. The largest stack is for advertising and the smaller stack is for bug fixes for Vista. When Mac questions him, he says that he's having to take drastic action because of the frustration of Vista users. In the end, PC gives up budgeting and puts all of his money into advertising. This commercial is no doubt in response to Microsoft's recent advertising strategies. In V Word [direct video link], PC makes every attempt to "beep out" the word "Vista" in the ad.

Sure, these commercials are well thought out and somewhat funny; but is Apple's mudslinging getting a little old? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below, and don't forget to take part in our poll. You can watch the new commercials by visiting the Apple website.

Thanks for the tip, Tony!

Do you still like the Get a Mac ads?
Yes7293 (57.6%)
No1652 (13.0%)
I would rather watch the "I'm a PC" ads729 (5.8%)
I would rather poke myself in the eye with a fork612 (4.8%)
I love them! Apple is so great!1627 (12.9%)
I LUV Apple and everything they do ... why are these bad?747 (5.9%)

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