A new feature over at The Escapist takes a look at the phenomenon of World of Warcraft faction hostilities crossing over from the game into real life. Anyone who's played Blizzard's MMO and has more than a couple of friends that do the same has probably experienced it: getting the evil eye for playing on the other side. The story itself is a strange travel through various experiences of social rejection and acceptance that are based primarily on whether or not people roll Alliance or Horde. It's things like this that make massively multiplayer online games so interesting to many fans of the genre. It wasn't until something as successful as World of Warcraft came along that we've been able to see the pop-culture effects of the genre on the general populace.

We're just wondering how long it takes MTV to catch on and make a reality show where five Horde players have to share one house with five other Alliance players. What happens when people stop being nice and start being nerdy?

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