While IR2BT would've done well to have this out and showcased at CEDIA, we suppose late is better than never. The company responsible for the heralded Infrared-to-Bluetooth converter -- which allows PS3 owners to control their console via a traditional IR-based universal remote -- has just pumped out another iteration aimed at professional installers. The IR2BTci is dubbed a "highly flexible and user-customizable device" that supports firmware upgrades and features configurable IR device codes for coexisting PS3, PS2 and DVD players. Additionally, it boasts multiple power sensing / tracking options, user-programmable macros, discrete on / off IR commands and ports for integrating it into existing IR distribution systems. The box can be purchased right now for $150, and if you'd rather just have the old one, good luck on eBay. You heard right, the introduction of the IR2BTci marks the death of the original IR2BT.

[Thanks, Anthony]