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Coda 1.6 released, offers plug-in support

Robert Palmer

A cheery little dialog box informed me just a few minutes ago that Coda 1.6 is available from the fine folks at Panic.

Coda is a one-window web-development and editing environment that is one of my favorite apps, and one that we've covered here before.

Coda 1.6 introduces a plug-in architecture that extends Coda's already pretty robust text-editing functionality. With Coda Plug-in Creator, even users who aren't familiar with Cocoa can create plugins, which follow a similar format to TextMate's command bundles. The plug-in functionality mirrors that of up-and-comer Espresso, with its Sugar plug-ins. Espresso is still in beta.

Also included in the update is the Open Quickly command: a Spotlight-like command that searches your sites for files to open. Hit Control+Q to show the Open Quickly window, type a few characters, and open one of the files listed to get to work.

On top of that, Coda improves spell checking support, and now includes an Objective-J syntax mode. Full release notes are available here.

Coda 1.6 is available from Panic's website, or from inside the app by selecting "Check for Updates" from the Coda menu.