You can now add Dayton, Ohio to the list of towns across America running analog shutoff drills to ensure that procrastinating locals, um, get the message. At approximately 6:58PM local time this evening, the city's five stations -- WBDT-TV, WDTN-TV, WHIO-TV, WKEF-TV, and WRGT-TV -- will broadcast a 60-second announcement in which viewers will be tasked to "look for a message which will only be visible on the digital signal." If they can spot the message, they're suitably prepped for February 17, 2009; if not, they'll be given a phone number to frantically call for help. We're told that tonight's test will be the first of a long line of drills taking place over the next 13 weeks, and given that a swath of folks will likely be out getting their Friday night party on, that's probably a good thing.

[Thanks, Dayton Guy]

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