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Tuttuki Bako "poking box" lets you torment low-res creatures


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While we don't expect it to be the type of interface that'll replace touch screens anytime soon, Bandai is certainly forging some interesting new ground with its so-called Tuttuki Bako device, or "poking box," which actually lets you stick your finger right into the device to control the on-screen finger. That's apparently done with the aid of some motion sensors which, as you can see in the video after the break, seem to work at least reasonably well. In addition to boasting various "games" like poking a panda, poking a face, or poking a stick figure, the device also doubles a desk clock, and it's available your choice of red, black or lime green. As you might have guessed, however, it's not available 'round these parts just yet, though you can apparently pick one up in Japan now for the rough local equivalent of $30.

[Via Today and Tomorrow, thanks Lennart]

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