Tough to say how well this will catch on across the pond, but we're definitely digging the direction this box is headed. IP Vision's latest set-top-box is quite the interesting character, being completely carrier-independent and boasting no subscription fees whatsoever. The unit includes an HDD for storing up to 40 hours of content, a Freeview tuner, an export-to-USB feature (read: external storage support) and the ability to tap into a wide library of video-on-demand content. Speaking of the latter (FetchTV), users can suck down material from Paramount, ITV, Turner Broadcasting, Eagle Vision, Fremantle, Entertainment Rights and Aardman, with movies priced between £1.99 and £3.50 and other shows costing £0.29 to £1.99. The unit itself can be purchased now for £149.99 (or £129.99 for a limited time) -- tell us, UKers, is this something you might be interested in?

[Via TechDigest]