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Square Enix announces Echoes of Time DSi bundle

Chris Greenhough

Square Enix can barely release a game nowadays without also producing a matching limited edition console, and Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time will continue this trend when it ships with customized hardware in Japan on January 29th.

For ¥23,940 (just under $250), buyers will be able bag a copy of Echoes of Time and a "Crystal Chronicles Edition" Nintendo DSi system. Square Enix has yet to release images of the console, but states that it will be a white DSi with the game's logo and the cat-in-a-bowtie motif that features in the boxart. There will also be a pre-order bonus for the game, a CD featuring four tracks from the Crystal Chronicles series.

The race to become the first special edition DSi just heated up, and is now between Square Enix and ... Square Enix!