Earlier this year, Blizzard won the prank wars with Molten Core, a faux ATARI game based on World of Warcraft's Molten Core raid complete with eight directions of movement, glorious 2D graphics and, yes, sound. We bet you thought that was just a joke, and that everyone would have forgotten about it after a week had gone by, but guess what? It's back, and this time it's real!

Gamer's University made a "port" of the ATARI game for WIndows PCs, and it includes all that was promised in Blizzard's trailer. One player plays as a priest, the other as a warrior, and each has eight movement directions and one action button (heal for the priest, attack for the warrior) with which to defeat the ten bosses. Hard to believe people used to pay big bucks for these sorts of games, isn't it?

[Via Eurogamer]

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