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JVC turns on the first 720p billboard in Times Square


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Is bigger always better? JVC's new LED display in Times Square doesn't have the size of Walgreens or Toshiba (and lets be real, no one is touching Dubai) but it is the first one in proper 720p (1280x720) resolution, no scaling or head tilting necessary here. After calling the crossroads of the world home since 1979, the new improved board lit up yesterday at 19 x 34-feet, capable of displaying 60fps with a mere 8mm pixel pitch ensuring things look good even close up. You can thank the same Clear Channel Spectacolor and D3 LED folks that were behind the Walgreens installation for this 12,500 lb screen, and we suppose you can also blame them for not letting us play some Call of Duty on it as well. Check the gallery or if you're in the area just take a walk over for a new and better look.

Gallery: JVC Times Square 720p billboard | 2 Photos

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