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NetBlender's DoStudio 1.6 Blu-ray authoring solution includes BD Touch support

Darren Murph

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Back in February, we saw NetBlender blend in Blu-ray support to its DoStudio authoring software. Now, version 1.6 is packing even more BD-related goodness, and it's BD Touch in particular that we're intrigued by. The latest flavor of DoStudio includes expanded capabilities such as Slideshows, Dolby TrueHD support, and BD Touch integration, not to mention a number of workflow enhancements including copy / paste, enhanced asset validation, printable reports, etc. As for BD Touch, this software now gives production outfits (or just entrepreneurial individuals) the ability to bake in support for iPhone control when the disc is played back in a PlayStation 3. The application is available for a $395 monthly rental fee, $2,495 for a 1-year license or $6,995 for a permanent license.

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