THIEL SCS4 speakers
Like some kind of post-Diwali, pre-Christmas gift-delivering sprite, UPS dropped off a pair of boxes from THIEL at Engadget HD. We'll be putting a pair of dark cherry SCS4 speakers through their paces over the coming weeks, but we wanted to share some preview photos with you before we dive into the audition. THIEL has been a longtime fixture in the audio high end, stretching way back to the days of two-channel, and even though the SCS4s carry the smallest price tag in the company's lineup ($990 each), they've definitely got high end pedigree. Our initial impressions turn up a solid front-ported cabinet (even if it's without THIEL's familiar sloping baffle) with top-notch veneer, perforated metal grilles held in place by magnets, a coincident driver assembly (aluminum dome 6.5-inch mid-woofer and 1-inch tweeter) for true point-source radiation and deluxe all-metal binding posts. Oh yeah, they sound nice, too -- but we're not saying more on that front until we've lived with them for a few weeks. Pics after the break.

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THIEL SCS4 speakers unboxed

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