The PlayStation Home Beta is now live and public for all world regions. Fire up your PS3, navigate to the PSN icon and scroll down to PlayStation Home -- yup it's there! One 77 MB download later and you're ... almost Home! (You need to install the software* and agree to the necessary legalese first.) So, how's your first day of your new second life treatin' you?

4:25PM ET – The PlayStation Home "Message of the Day" invites everyone to a "huge dance party" in the Central Plaza at 6 pm tonight. "This party just might last throughout the night, so come on in and meet your new friends." (We'll bring the stuff to spike the punch!) You gonna be there?

4:30PM ET
– Doh! "Network Error: The connection to the server was lost (C-991)." (Twice.)

4:40PM ET – We're still unable to connect (from NYC, San Fran and Oklahoma), but PS3 Fanboy's Jem Alexander reports Home is up and running "flawlessly" in the UK. Anyone else have a status update? Please post in the comments.

4:55PM ET – New error! "Request timed out: /HUBPS3_SVML/unity/start.jsp" -- we'll keep trying ...

10:25PM ET – We're Home! Finally.

*Note: "To use PlayStation Home, 3077 MB of HDD space will need to be reserved."

This article was originally published on Joystiq.

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