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LED-encrusted speed bump flattens out when you're not flat-out

Tim Stevens

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Speed bumps are supposed to punish the speeders and minimally offend those abiding by the legal limits. But, as all drivers know, crossing the things sucks at any speed and, regardless of how brightly painted they are, they're easy to miss until you're finding out the hard way just what kind of suspension travel your ride offers. A smarter bump from designers Jae-yun Kim and Jong-Su Lee could be the answer. Unlike the ones we've covered in the past, this one stays up all the time, using a small damper inside to flatten out when a car drives over it at low speed. The higher force applied by a faster car would prevent the bump from lowering and, presumably, ruin that dastardly speeder's day. The things are also festooned with LEDs on the front, back, and sides, which might just mean you'd be able to see this one in time to save your dubs from destruction.

[Via Techie Diva]

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