Purveyor of video game psychedelia, Jeff Minter, has his follow-up to Space Giraffea retooling of Llamasoft classic, Gridrunner++ (shown) – "nearly finished," according to an interview with Eurogamer. The only problem: he hasn't heard from Microsoft for months.

"We sent it off to [Microsoft] months ago, but they've just not said anything – we're just waiting for them," Minter said. "Basically I'm going to carry on with the PC version of it if I don't hear from them soon, because they're just sitting on the demo we sent them three or four months ago. We haven't heard a thing."

We're eager to give Minter's latest a shot, but Microsoft may not be rushing to make that happen given the sales performance and scattershot review scores of Space Giraffe.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.

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