Stop reading and watch the video after the break. Don't worry, we'll wait. Done that? Good, now that you're sufficiently excited about the upcoming Metal Gear Solid 4 LittleBigPlanet DLC packs we can give you a few more details, courtesy of the PlayStation Blog. There's a lot to cover, so pay attention.

First, the character packs, which you've already seen. They're $1.99 each or $5.99 for all four (essentially giving you Raiden for free). Remember how we were saying we wished the "level pack" actually included a level of two so we could collect all the goodies as we progressed? It looks like we got our wish -- and then some. The level pack contains six new levels and a lot of booty. Not to mention the Trophies which were revealed yesterday.

Inside the level pack you'll also find a new costume (Gurlukovich soldier), 72 stickers, 12 materials, 10 decorations and 18 objects. Not only that but there's four new music tracks (one background and 3 interactive), a new sound object, a new "plasma ball danger element," a new "laser sight gadget" and a functioning searchlight. Oh, we almost forgot about The Paintinator and the new switch that comes with it. All this can be yours on December 23rd and it'll cost you $5.99.

Okay, we've run out of space, so go visit the PS Blog for more info.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.