WoW Moviewatch: Oxhorn's Christmas Tree

I hate the long, drawn out build-up to Christmas you see these days. Christmas is a holiday, not a season that lasts from late September to early March, alright? I think my love of the holiday as a season died when I worked at a retail store that spent the entire year assembling Christmas trees back in the warehouse. A necessary evil considering how many they sold each year, but impaling yourself on little green needles year 'round sort of crushes the soul a little.

With that said, if anything can get me back into a celebrating mood, it's Oxhorn. Especially when those celebrations include beating Elves brutally until Christmas spews forth from their broken frames. I even like Elves! Okay, saying something like that could put me in a sticky spot. I like most Elves. Is that better?

I'm not sure that Oxhorn needs a whole lot of critiquing at this point. Even if there's something you don't like about his machinima, it is always distinctly an Oxhorn work. The dialogue always makes me smile, the characters are memorable, and the voice actors bring a lot of charm to the production. Telling Oxhorn to do something differently is like telling
Baron Soosdon that his machinima are too sparkly. Soosdon's machinima certainly aren't my favorites (with some exceptions), but those sparkles are his thing, you know?

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