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IOGEAR's Wireless USB Audio / Video Kit ships soon for $350

Darren Murph

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Based on the fact that this kit contains connectors for stereo audio, VGA and Wireless USB, we're inclined to believe that this here product is actually a renamed version of the Wireless USB to VGA kit we caught wind of last year. Even if not, however, this will help you stream content at up to 720p over VGA for 30 feet sans wires, and it's fully compatible with Windows XP and Vista. The bad news? The price has increased by around $50 since last mention, with the latest report suggesting a $349.95 sticker and a March ship date.

Update: The Wireless USB Audio / Video Kit allows users to stream both audio and video content. It provides HD streaming at resolutions up to 720p and supports stereo sound, while the Wireless USB to VGA Kit supports only video.

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