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Ultimate Ears adds in MetroFi 170 / 220 headphones

Darren Murph

Ultimate Ears (by Logitech, we'll have you know) has introduced two new MetroFi earbuds here in Las Vegas, and both of 'em promise 16 decibels of noise isolation and offer up a single-driver, in-ear design. The 220 ups the ante with a swank titanium-coated speaker for more detail in the highs, though both sets are pushing a red-colored right earphone (so you don't get confused, or something) and three sizes of silicon ear cushions. We're also told that both sets will eventually be available in vi models ($10 extra) that boast an integrated microphone, but those uninterested in that can snag the vanilla versions for $50 (170) / $80 (220) next month.

[Via iLounge]

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