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Your guess as good as ours: BlowOut coming to Xbox Originals


Word comes by way of Gamerscore Blog that BlowOut will join the ranks of Xbox Originals, as of January 19th, for 1200 ($15). Reaction to the news was swift and sure in the site's comments section, with gems like:
  • "F*ck off with the sh*t we've never heard of. Get some half decent games on there already."
  • "When the f*ck did this come out. How about KOTOR either of them, or any other of the top selling title from the original Xbox. What is Microsoft paying you people for."
  • "Ugh, I wish I could remember the right command. > kill proc PR_Bot."
Uh-huh, that just about sums it up. Seriously, how many people actually remember this game, or would pay $15 for it? If there was ever any question about the Xbox Originals system being misguided over the last few updates, we fear the answer is quite clear now.