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Matrix WiiZii mod hooks to external SATA HDD for speedy ISO loads


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Though only a small fraction of Wii owners will ever mod their console, there's something strangely comforting to our status as a species that it's imminently doable. The latest in this long line of Wii hacks is the WiiZii, which is termed a "plug and play" no-solder method of playing Wii backups and other fun modchip-style stuff. WiiZii has an upgradable firmware, and is being touted as "future proof" against any forthcoming attempts by Nintendo to block it, but what's really exciting is the external SATA connector for extra-speedy ISO loads off of your favorite SATA hard drive -- no more dinky USB keys. Right now WiiZii is in prototype stage, but we're sure somebody will be hitting us up for cash for the mod in the near future -- if you're feeling a little stingy, just remember: hacking consoles that we've already paid money for to be able to do what we want with them is the only thing separating us from the apes. That and Hulu.

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