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5-in-1 multi-function MP3 player could use a plug from Billy Mays

Darren Murph

In theory, we can't really harsh on a diminutive little gizmo that can play back MP3s, record voice notes, capture live video, snap a few stills and double as a card reader in a pinch, but there's just something about this thing that screams infomercial. As for specs, it's got 2GB of built-in memory, a microSD expansion slot, USB 2.0 connectivity, a rechargeable Li-ion and a 3.5-millimeter headphone jack. Unfortunately, the thing's selling for an almost astronomical $60 before shipping, which definitely pushes it into "won't ever sell without Billy Mays' endorsement" territory. Seriously, check the vid after the jump if you think you're immune to coercion.