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Wiimote and skateboard hacked into a controller, Gator not impressed


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Real Virtual Skater is a controller mod that sees a Wiimote liberated from its case and placed inside a box strapped to the underside of a skateboard. Thanks to The Bluetooth, as the player gleams "the cube" (or his "living room", as the case may be) all his movements are used to control his avatar in the magical world of Tony Hawk Pro Skater. Just the thing for a kid that already has the board, the Vans, the Jams, a Lance Mountain t-shirt, and a JFA cassette -- but no real desire to leave his parent's basement. Technical details are few, but we do have a chest-pounding video of the thing in action after the break.

[Via Feng Gui]
[Thanks, Pegasus Unicorn]

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