Sony Pictures Home Entertainment just announced that it plans to use Rock Band to promote the Nickelodeon TV movie, Spectacular!, which airs February 16th.

Two songs from the film -- "Break My Heart" and "Don't Tell Me" -- will be available for 80 / $.99 each on the Xbox Live Marketplace from February 3rd, and the PSN from February 5th. Come March 31st, the DVD release of Spectacular! will include a redemption code for a free download of the two songs, via the Rock Band music store.

Interestingly enough, this will be the second piece of Nickelodeon-derived Rock Band DLC, following the addition of music from Naked Brothers Band and Miranda Cosgrove. It's like a pre-teen musical invasion.

[Thanks, StLouisRibs7734]

This article was originally published on Joystiq.

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