Joystiq Podcast 083 - Au revoir Ross Miller edition

First, apologies for the delay! Mr. McElroy is without his 'nets so, that left a woefully ill-equipped me to handle editing duties. To make up for the delay, we've assembled some Joystiq Podcast Appreciation Group-goodies for everyone. With Justin out, we asked the JPAG hosts to fill in with their own, stirring rendition of Justin's trademark intro. Honestly, we're not sure how we'll go back to the old way of doing things. And above: a collage of folks encouraging us to "Fire Justin McElroy" at the UK JPAG meetup. We didn't realize the University of Kentucky had so many listeners ...

Lastly, we're joined by Joystiq's Ross Miller on his very last day at the 'Stiq. He's been here longer than almost everyone (combined!) and – we don't know about you guys – but we're going to miss him! Enjoy (and big thanks to JPAGer James Lockwood for the pics)!

(Also: You can stream the latest episode right on our page – look over to the right. Neat, eh?)

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Hosts: Chris Grant, Ludwig Kietzmann and Justin McElroy Ross Miller (with special guests, Justin McElroy and Randy Nelson!)

Music: "Get Ready for Love" by Nick Cave, "Red Eye" by Ben Kweller

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