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Forum post of the day: Tick Tock

Amanda Dean

I knew I couldn't be the only quirky person in WoW. Talonhunter of EU-Tarren Mill's thread on the general forums helps me feel a little bit better. He asked what people's "ticks" are, citing "Every time I engage a mob, I strafe a few steps to either side," and "When I have done a brief dismount, to gather something or likewise, I always run a few steps before I get back on my mount again."

There are some things that seem odd, but actually appear to be common. Some examples include jumping when charging or when summoning a flying mount, obsession with repairing gear, and checking out what every linked item looks like. I have some of the habits mentioned in the thread, and a few others:

  • I say "For Pony!" in vent when I charge a boss- with varying degrees of enthusiasm.
  • I name my mounts- Muffin is still my favorite, whenever I rez my favorite healer I whisper "Arise, my champion!" and he usually responds with "At your side, milady."
  • I check out every drop before I press greed in a group, even though I know I don't need greens.
  • When I'm getting my bearing, I turn to the right.
  • I jump when I go into instances.
  • I have a Saitek Eclipse II Keyboard, I change the back-light color to red for arenas.

It's good to know that my behaviors are not really that out of line. What are your ticks, quirks, and other rituals?