With CES over and done with, there's really just one thing left to do: wait for all those wares that were announced to actually ship. To that end, we reckon this question is particularly timely being that a whole slew of camcorders were introduced in Vegas. Feel free to suggest an oldie-but-goodie, though.

"I am currently in the market for a new digital video camera. I currently have one of those ancient cameras that use tapes, and I haven't decided between an HDD or flash-based one just yet. I'm looking for something small and compact with USB connectivity, and I'd like to stay under $400 if possible. Any help would be really appreciated."

Thanks for the question, Patrik. We presume those little pocket camcorders are out of the question due to their awful low-light performance, yeah? Yeah. Oh, and if any other reader has a question they'd like hosted up, send it in to ask at engadget dawt com.

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