Funchuks: they're more fun than regular Nunchuks because they're colorful

Happy Tiny Wii Controllers Day! We're celebrating the first TWCD by posting ... tiny Wii controllers! Either that or it's a total coincidence that two news items about tiny Wii controllers have shown up today. We prefer the explanation that makes today a holiday.

Logic3's Nunchuk Mini, also called "Funchuks" in the press release, are basically smaller Nunchuks in a bunch of different colors, all with jaunty green analog sticks. Despite the fact that they cost exactly as much as Nintendo's official Nunchuk but lack Nintendo's reputation for quality, we find these things enchanting. They're small, you see. We want to buy all of them and use a different one every day.

[Via Kotaku]

This article was originally published on Joystiq.