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Lego camcorder spotted, great for kids 8 to 80 (sorry Grandpa)


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It looks like those Lego-branded Digital Blue devices we've been on the lookout for are starting to see the light of day. This prototype video camera was snapped at the toy fair in Nuremberg -- not too many details at this point, but we're sort of bummed that this one doesn't have the handmade look of the walkie talkie and digital camera we peeped earlier. At least it doesn't look like there are many parts for your child to swallow.

Update: We've got some new details, care of Kids Tech Review. The flip-out display has a 1.4-inch color LCD panel, there's five-way navigation on the back and a detachable remote control. No word on what format or resolution it records in, but blocky shooter is due out this summer / fall for $80.

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