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LG demoing "world's first LTE-enabled mobile device" this week

Chris Ziegler

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LTE trials are starting to sprout up around the world -- and there'll be plenty more before the year's out -- so it's a relief to see that we're going to have some hardware to help us burn rubber once we get some live airwaves in our midst. LG will be demonstrating what it claims to be the "world's first LTE-enabled mobile device" this coming Wednesday at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, a data card using LG's homegrown modem chipset -- and they'll be using it in three different devices: a laptop, a netbook, and a prototype MID. There'll also be a prototype LTE-enabled smartphone on display, and needless to say, the thought of tethering a 20Mbps handset to our PC is leaving us just a little breathless at the moment; hopefully we'll be able to recover in time to check out the demo in a couple days.

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