The Versa could end up being one of the more fascinating North American devices to launch this year, and it turns out that Dooney & Burke agrees. New documentation arriving on our doorstep this week indicates that Verizon's launch of the unusually adaptable device will be supported by fashion accessories from Liz Claiborne and Dooney & Burke, not to mention the usual host of water resistant, sport, and plain leather cases to keep your multi-hundred dollar investment safe from harm. More importantly, though, we're seeing that it'll launch on March 1 in all sales channels for $199.99 on contract after a $50 rebate -- but that funky dedicated game pad controller will set you back another $29.99, and you better get it while the getting's good since it's labeled as a "limited stock" item. Can't get caught playing Monopoly without a dedicated 8-way pad, can you?
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