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Best Buy shows membership has its benefits, offers up to $100 off new iPhones

Tim Stevens

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Would you like to save $100 on a new iPhone? Sure, we all would, and Best Buy giving its Premier Silver Reward Zone members the chance to do just that; to knock a full Benjamin off the price of any 8GB or 16GB model. Meanwhile other, non-premier members (anyone who didn't drop $2,500 at Best Buy last year) will have to make do with $50 off. This is in addition to the other discounts you'll get when signing up for a new plan, and is a nice bonus either way -- assuming you're already a Rewards Zone member. If you're not and still want to get in on the action, tough cookies. You should have joined prior to the 21st, when the retailer opened the window on this deal. It closes again on the 28th.

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