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Panasonic updates its commercial plasmas down under

Steven Kim

Panasonic isn't exiting the plasma market (well, at least not yet) and if you've got a need for plasma image quality in your signage or you want input flexibility for your living room set, a Panny commercial plasma might be just the thing for you. The new TH-58PF11WK, TH-50PF11WK and TH-42PF11WK models for our friends in Australasia come with "Full HD" (FHD) 1920x1080 pixels and three user-configurable slots that can house modules for audio and/or video input; there's even a module for wireless connection. Yeah, wireless sounds nice, but we'll give the ability to tile up to 25 plasmas in a 5x5 array as the real feature you should try on for size.

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