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Bizarre knockoff Mickey Mouse phone doubles as a racquetball

Chris Ziegler

To make a phone that pays homage to Disney and to Mickey Mouse with the respect they truly deserve, you can't just slap a logo on a candybar, nor can you glue ears on a clamshell and call it good. Far from it -- to do this up right, you've really got to take it to the next level. But how? Here's an idea: a scary three-dimensional Mickey Mouse head. Eh? Eh? Anyone? We're just going to go ahead and anoint the "Characteristic Chinese Doll phone" as the ultimate form factor -- the perfect combination of usability, portability, and that scary "I love Disney just a little too much" aura that a less-ridiculous device simply isn't going to be able to pull off. Take that, Micky phone.

[Thanks, Vanessa]

Update: Turns out this is actually Pucca, a vaguely Mickey-like creature that just so happens to be distributed by Disney ('course, that doesn't make the form factor any less ridic). Thanks, everyone!

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