Caption Contest: Fire-breathing robot scuttles into choir practice

We're not so sure who thought it'd be a bright idea to invite Torayan, a 7.2 meter tall, fire-breathing robot to what appears to be an otherwise calm and collected choir practice, but that sucker is going to burn.

[Thanks, Chris]

Nilay: "Look, he wants you off the ****ing set."
Ross: "Turns out he's a little sensitive about being compared to the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man."
Paul: "Needless to say, there were a few rule revisions to the RoboSoccer games the following year."
Chris: "Years of steroid abuse have drastically altered Asimo's personality and physical appearance."
Joe: "This could be the biggest thing to happen for Open Source, EVER!"
Darren: "Ah, so that's what those waivers that mom had to sign were for."
Richard: "Kanye's backstage rants have really gotten out of control, haven't they?"
Thomas: "Wait until you see me pee."