Hideo Kojima will have the fancy new title of "Executive Corporate Officer Director, Kojima Production" starting April 1. His previous job title was, um, not too different: "Corporate Officer Director, Kojima Production." Shhhh, this is total "!" stuff! We've also received the list of alternative titles Kojima could have received:
  • Grand Executive Poobah of the Codec
  • Slayer of writers who know the power of editing and can tell a story or tell a joke or make a tongue-in-cheek observation about something which can be considered funny
  • Executive la-le-lu-Liason
  • Executive in charge of making us a new Snatcher game already
If you reveal this information to anyone, you've got 30 seconds to find a closet ... make sure to stay in there at least a minute.

[Via Kotaku]

This article was originally published on Joystiq.

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