GDC09: Virtual Console Arcade launches with 4 games, available now

Iwata has announced yet another platform expansion for Wii's Virtual Console. Virtual Console Arcade will offer classic -- meaning old -- arcade titles not available on other systems. Four launch games are available for download right now (directly to an SD card, if you prefer -- haven't you heard?), with two additional titles possibly available later day. Here's the starting lineup:
  • Gaplus (Namco Bandai): 600 Wii Points -- available now
  • Mappy (Namco Bandai): 500 Wii Points -- available now
  • The Tower Of Druaga (Namco Bandai): 500 Wii Points -- available now
  • Starforce (Tecmo): 500 Wii Points -- available now
  • Space Harrier (Sega) -- coming soon
  • Solvalou (Namco Bandai) -- coming soon

This article was originally published on Joystiq.