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NVIDIA to buy significant stake in VIA?

Ross Miller

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Rumor has it NVIDIA is currently talking to VIA Technologies about purchasing a large stake in the company, to the tune of around 300 million new shares each priced somewhere in the range of NT$9 and NT$12 ($0.27 and $0.35 US equivalent) apiece, for a grand total of approximately US $81 million to $105 million. Don't put too much stock into this at the moment, as none of this is confirmed -- indeed, the last time we heard such murmurings was also sourced from DigiTimes, who doesn't have the best of track records. That said, the two companies have worked together before and do have the Ion platform connection. With Intel talking a lot of sass and litigation lately, we wouldn't put past NVIDIA to cuddle up with a close friend.

[Via Electronista]

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