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Jamo launches 18 in-wall speakers across its Custom 400- and 600-series lineups

Steven Kim

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If you're trying to stay on top of the ever-increasing number of speakers used in the latest surround audio schemes -- Dolby ProLogic IIz moves the count to 9-channels plus a sub (or two) -- in-wall speakers start to look really attractive. Jamo has rolled out its 400- and 600-series Custom speakers for those running out of room, and with 18 SKUs spread out over in-wall and in-ceiling options, there's bound to be a few that fit your needs. With that kind of menu, we'll let you hit the link to find the right speakers for you, but all speakers get Jamo's Decoupled Tweeter Technology, Hard Conical Cones and WaveGuide technologies; and magnetic paintable grilles will help keep things looking tidy. Spring for the 600-series, and you'll also get treated to silk dome tweeters. Pricing spans a relatively affordable range of $299 to $899.

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